There can be various topics explored in a scholarship essay, which depend on a college/university you want to join. However, there is one similar feature – you will have to enumerate your personal experiences and traits that will make you stand out from the rest. Have a look at our online writing guideline that will show you how to approach scholarship essays of different formats.

If you do not know how to write a scholarship essay, do not get frustrated because we can help you with this issue. The most essential element in writing is to know subject matter well, and you surely know much about yourself. You will have to start writing well ahead before submission and do not procrastinate this activity till the last hours. The easiest way to generate ideas is to use some brainstorming techniques. It will help you to write down many ideas about your own personality. If it did not help, check our list of questions that can be helpful for your scholarship essay writing.

  • Can you enlist your key accomplishments? How do you define the word “accomplishment?” Many students think that accomplishments should be associated with something incredible like winning an international competition or anything similar. However, every person has his/her own accomplishments, which can be smaller but mean much since they guide one’s life in the right direction. No matter what scholarship essay format you follow, as time shows, even very tiny achievements can influence the way members of committee perceive who you are.
  • Can you name some movies, books, etc. that have shaped your personality? Why do you believe them to be special?
  • Can you recall the most challenging and dreadful time in your life? Was it difficult to overcome it? Did it influence your thinking and perception of the modern world?
  • Did you compete with anyone for something really useful for you? Did you succeed in it?
  • Did you face failure in your life? How was it?
  • If you do not know how to start a scholarship essay in a creative manner, you can mention about a place where you would like to be right now. Can you state for sure why this place is so important to you? It will help you find out what do you like the most in your life.
  • Did you experience instances when you totally changed your attitude towards certain problems or surrounding? What made you think differently?
  • In a rather philosophical manner, can you state which character traits make you different from others? How did you realize it? In scholarship essays, you should not be too shy because your task is to make admission officers choose you.
  • Were you involved in some extracurricular activities? What about your hobbies? What activities mean much to you and would you like to pursue your goals further?
  • Did you participate in any community programs? What experience did you gain from it?
  • What about your future aspirations? What do you expect from your college/university life and how do you see yourself in a couple of years? Do you have any specific plans for your future?

Writing scholarship essays is always difficult for students, who were not involved in this activity before. Remember that the abovementioned questions cannot be effectively discussed in one paper and you will have to cross out some of them to meet the word count limits. You have to decide how to introduce yourself in a scholarship essay effectively, without showing off.