Writing a classification essay involves dividing topics into different categories and providing examples that fit in each respective category. The topics are very specific and you often have to think outside the box and utilize good organization skills when tackling this type of assignment. There are many different classification and division essays that the student can write. When you are struggling to select your topic, consider some of the examples below. Of course, while your topic should be specific, it should not be so obscure that it is impossible to find any information about it.

Suggestions for classification and division essay topics

When it comes to classification essay topics, there are a lot to choose from. Here are some good examples.

  1. Classify the highest rated hotel resorts in Hawaii.
  2. Classify the most popular actors in Germany.
  3. Classify the most historically successful football teams in England.
  4. Classify the kind of clients that you work with everyday.
  5. Evaluate four methods applicable while preparing for a research essay
  6. Classify your close friends, highlighting the criteria that you use in selection process.
  7. Evaluate the classification essay examples that you have encountered.
  8. Identify the different methods of effective alcohol addiction treatment.
  9. Evaluate the concepts that contribute to greed.
  10. Classify the most popular items at a popular fast food establishment
  11. Based on their age and nationality, organize every Nobel peace prize winner.
  12. Evaluate the best top five methods for giving up smoking.
  13. Make a classification of different types of human facial expressions
  14. Evaluate the universities in your state, conference, or region based on academic reputation
  15. Classify the hierarchy of the staff at your workplace, summarizing their responsibilities
  16. Classify the ten most scenic cities in Europe
  17. Evaluate the various video game consoles from the 1980s through the present
  18. Classify different methods of road travel based on the comfort level of the vehicle
  19. Evaluate of the movies that Steven Spielberg has directed.
  20. Classify the G7 countries according to their GDP
  21. Make an evaluation of the independent music scene in Seattle based on the albums of the top-selling acts.
  22. Make a classification of five different types plants based on their ability to treat disease.
  23. Classify the latest and best trends in modern rock music
  24. Classify the best Asian movies
  25. Classify the current world leaders based on their domestic popularity
  26. Make a classification of the most popular designer clothing among celebrities
  27. Classify the best Internet radio stations in the United States
  28. Make an evaluation of the political leanings of American cable news channels based on their broadcast content
  29. Evaluate the world’s best athletes in the past 50 years based on their accomplishments
  30. Classify the hottest jobs on the market in America

While the above suggestions can be helpful, you are encouraged to generate topic ideas that may align more with your interests. When you have a strong understanding of the topic, you can take your essay writing to the next level. Using college campuses as the topic, below is a brief example of how to put a classification essay topic into practice. Notice how highly descriptive it is when it is comparing and contrasting the different types of campuses.

An example of a Classification Essay


A great looking college campus can really enhance the entire higher learning experience. A campus that stands out from the rest contains vast lawns with lush green grass to rest on. There should also be plenty of trees, many pathways, and visually-pleasing buildings that dot the campus. A stroll through the campus should generate inspiration.

On the other hand, an unsightly college campus is one that is full of drab, grey buildings and concrete parking lots in place of grass. If the campus is not ascetically pleasing, the student is going to be less inclined to feel pride in their college.

Most campuses fall in between these two types. They might have nice lawns, but outdated dorm buildings. Or perhaps the architecture is interesting, but the layout of the campus is cramped and claustrophobic. This is most common in urban settings where space is limited.

The other category is of neutral teachers. These are the ones who attract love and hate in equal measures. They do not seem to have interest in either the student or the subject they teach. In most cases, these are the teachers who make up the bulk of this largest category.

While your professor will most likely assign you an essay that is longer than the example, you can still use it as a model to get started on your own fantastic classification essay!