A problem solution essay is a piece of writing that is focused on a certain problem and possibly presents the potential options to solve the given problem. High school students or those taking a class on composition may be assigned to such a task, and it usually requires some research before actually starting the writing process. Like most written essays, a problem solution essay is supposed to start with an introduction, which should be followed by a thesis statement, a few body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

When starting to work on an essay, one has to define the problem to be discussed. Before doing so, one has to think about the possible problem solution essay topics. Brainstorming on the possible essay topics and think of a list of bullet-point ideas would be helpful, regardless of the topic chosen for the essay. The best topics for problem-solution papers are intriguing and interesting, and can also be viewed from multiple perspectives; at the same time, the topic should not be too broad, so that a solution to the problem will be clear.

The problem of problem solution essays should be defined in a clear manner, and the causes of the problem should be identified if it is possible. A writer should be able to describe the extent of the problem, together with the effects of the problem and the possible consequences if the problem will be left unsolved. If an essay contains any key terms that need to be defined, those have to be also included in the essay’s opening, together with any pertinent historical information that might be helpful to the reader when trying to understand the problem better.

Taking into consideration the problem discussed in the paper, a thesis of a problem solution essay may discuss the urgent need to solve the problem, or a thesis may argue about one possible solution to the problem. The most common scenario is that it argues about a single solution. In general, the thesis should only be only one sentence long, and it is supposed to clearly identify the essay’s main point. The opening paragraph usually includes the thesis statement, although, in some cases, the thesis can be placed in the latter part of the essay, and be revealed after a complete problem discussion and possible solutions have already taken place.

If one knows the answer to the question: what is a problem solution essay? - then he/she most probably knows that a body of a problem-solution essay is supposed to fully describe the proposed solutions to the problem and discuss its possible outcomes. The solutions’ advantages and disadvantages have to be included, together with the feasibility of the proposed solutions. If the essay presents a single solution to the problem, its body should lead to the conclusion in a logical way, that the solution being advocated is the best one available. In such a paper, it is important not only to describe the possible problem solution, but also to explain the way the solution should be or can be implemented.

If one has ever looked through a problem solution essay example, he/she possibly knows that the conclusion part of a problem-solution essay is supposed to contain an action call, making the reader want to take part in the proposed solution to the problem or become involved and start searching for a problem’s solution. It might be helpful to briefly restate the problem and describe the possible effects of leaving the problem unsolved. The best problem-solution essays create a sense of urgency and make the reader interested in solving the problem.