You are required to write a college admission essay to help the admissions committee understand who you are and how you think, what you expect and what you can contribute to the college community. Composing an essay that adequately summarizes all aspects of your personality is a daunting task that has gained the reputation of being the hardest examination in the world. A successful essay will demonstrate to your readers that you belong to the program of your choice. Try to make the connection between what you strive to achieve and what the college has to offer.

Do not worry about this part of the application process; prepare a good topic, creative angle, and concise writing in advance. Remember that it is a process that could pave your way to the college of your dream. See our tips that will inspire you to impress the admission officers. You can also feel encouraged to get help from our expert writers online at any time – if required. They know how to write a college admission essay based on your particular requirements, for you to stand out from the crowd and succeed.

8 Tips for Success

1. Be motivated.

Try to intrigue your readers by showing that you have clear goals and specific drive to achieve them. Try to understand what your intrinsic expectations of the education are, how the college will help you excel and fulfill your dreams. Do not doubt if it makes a great topic, you will find out that you will have plenty of material to choose for your admissions essay.  

2. Be yourself and keep moving.

Many applicants get carried away with being perfectionists. They might sit in front of the computer for hours trying to generate the perfect essay. It is often easier to edit than write, so just make the first step and start writing. Even if the text is not what you have really had in mind, it is still better than the blank piece of paper.

3. Pick an angle.

A creative approach can make a difference between good and great college admission essays. Write down your central idea (thesis statement), try to explore it from different angles, pick the most interesting one and let the content flow.

4. Personalize your essay.

Irrespective of your topic, make sure you write the essay about yourself, so let your personality shine. You may focus on the lessons you have learned or how you improved upon a weakness or how you can benefit from your college degree.

5. Be accurate.

College admission essay format assumes a certain word count limit: between 250 and 500 words. Try to stay precise and do not overstretch that limit to 700 words or so: this way you also show respect and courtesy towards the admission officers.

6. Be frank.

Do not exaggerate your achievements or titles: nobody is perfect, and your examiners know that. Colleges do not look for stellar students but just regular people who want to advance their studies.

 7. Do some research.

Explore common college admission essay topics before writing your essay. Brainstorming and selecting a topic requires a bit soul searching and introspection. The most important part of this exercise is to be sincere and enjoy what you are doing.

8. Plan your essay.

Develop a plan that will help you maintain your individual style throughout all stages of your essay writing: brainstorming, drafting, writing, editing, revising and refining. Make sure to prepare a number of college admission essay prompts that you have at hand when you need them. Thus, you can avoid haste and minimize unnecessary stress.