A research proposal is usually written to present an academic project to a professor. It gives a clear understanding of what a student is going to explore. This work provides information about the sources and methods that will be used for producing a paper. It should be noted that a proposal is not the last step to completing your work. You may change your research strategy after producing it. When preparing this piece of writing you should be specific. Remember that it is very important to express your thoughts clearly. Thus, it will be easier for you to organize the final version of your project.

When producing a research proposal, it is necessary to gather relevant material about the explored matter. However, it does not mean that your research has to be already produced. You may still be in the process of researching when preparing this work. For this reason, you should know the topic of your paper and its key points. In addition, you need to know which sources to use to collect useful information about the subject.

It is known that academic works written up to standard are properly structured. Do you want to know how to write a research proposal and make a logic structure? Your paper should consist of the following elements:

  • Topic

Explain why you have selected a specific subject and why it is important to explore it.

  • Research question

Why is the matter worth considering? What are you aimed at when covering the topic? By the way, answering these questions will help you write a good thesis statement.

  • Scientific methods

Here, you should talk about the way you are going to examine the issue when writing a research proposal. It is also necessary to mention how the work will be arranged. For instance, you may present incontrovertible facts to support the main idea or compare the matter to that of another group. You should also decide whether your paper has a persuasive character or not. Besides, if your paper is divided into units, you should indicate them.

  • Resources

Present the sources you are going to use. Explain why they are helpful in producing your research paper proposal.

  • Conclusion

Write a reasonable concluding paragraph. Explain what the research projects shows.

  • Bibliography page

It may happen that you will need to use more sources than indicated in the annotated bibliography.

Do you want to get a precise answer to the question “What is a research proposal and how to produce it?” In this case, you should read the instructions on the assignment carefully. The provided guidelines always contain information about the format. Remember to divide the body into paragraphs which should start with a topic sentence. Mind the grammar and spelling!