Separate the wheat from the chaff. It is quite an old proverb, but it still is very useful for all customers. When you are choosing from a huge number of options, firstly, you have to choose those that are valuable (the wheat) and to reject those that are worthless or refuse (chaff). The same thing may be said about selecting an essay writing service.

There are thousands of custom writing services that position themselves as professional, enticing companies with very low prices. They promise to perform academic papers quickly and efficiently. Often, one falls for these tricks, and in seeking for a fast solution, turn to the company with a doubtful reputation, which may be based at someone's house, even in a non-English speaking country. The language skills of non-English-speaking person working there can be, in the best case, mediocre. Such writers are not able to conduct their own research and prepare academic papers in good formal English. That is why they turn to popular databases of existing works and copy or “spin” the work, which, in their view, meet the requirements of the customer. In this case, the customer gets a low-quality and plagiarized academic paper. Most professors are using advanced software capable of detecting academic writing with low uniqueness, and a result, in the best case, it would be a bad grade, and in the worst one, – an exclusion from the university.

There are some clues, which will help you to “separate the wheat,” which concern, in particular, our company. We are pleased to invite you to view it, so you can make sure that we are proud of our reputation, client base, testimonials of our customers, and the quality of our work, and that there is nothing we have to conceal in our work.

  • Ask the company where it is situated, and ensure that its address is in an English-speaking country.
  • View the content of the chosen company website. Is there formal and proper English used? 
  • Be careful with companies that offer a constant price per page, without taking into amount the complexity of paper. If you are turning to the professional company that offers to make an unique research, it will propose you a variety of prices based upon more serious criteria.
  • Ask if the company has the possibility to provide you with a plagiarism-detection report that guarantees the originality and the finest quality of the paper.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient methods you can contact the support team. It would be great if you will check the company’s telephone number by calling it and speaking to someone who is ready to discuss your orders in detail with you.
  • If the service is professional, it has to provide you with possibility to communicate with your writer. Famous custom writing companies do not only allow it, but encourage it!
  • Verify the authenticity of security and hacker-safe logos. You must ensure that your personal and payment data is safe.

Turning to, you will be able to make sure that we meet all the parameters above. When you are looking for help with writing college essays, choose the custom writing service, which cares about your academic career. At our website, you can order unique and original papers of superior quality and authentic researches, performed by the experienced professionals who graduated from the well-known universities in the world and had the best grades in each field of science. Our writers brainstorm their own bright ideas and they are ready to prove their points of view with facts. Contact us, and we will gladly assist you in your academic career.