Sooner or later, your teacher will ask you to write an essay about yourself. Such piece of writing is also assigned during the admission procedures, when members of committee want to learn more about a specific applicant. Such assignments should be written in a personal manner, but be sure to do not include too private and sensitive details. Your opening statement should attract readers’ attention and introduce the topic you want to discuss. If you think that an essay about yourself can be written in an informal manner, you are wrong. Your paper must have logical parts and include all storytelling techniques. Your reader should have a clear sense of what you discuss, which can be attained only if you create a clear and concise thesis statement.

A thesis statement is like a declaration of your standpoint. It is highly important to have a good introduction and there are versatile writing tips for it. Please, check a couple of them and think which one is the most appropriate for your topic.

Include a Direct Quote

If you do not know how to write an essay about yourself and what to present in your introduction, you can introduce some exact words of a famous researcher or someone else, who has already explored your topic. It will make your introduction compelling and interesting, especially if the reader knows much about this person. At the same time, every single quote should be properly explained. If you have incorporated a quotation or an anecdote, do not forget to place an in-text citation, giving credit to the original source.

A Rhetorical Question Might Help

Oftentimes, essays about yourself include a rhetoric question in the opening paragraph. However, there are some disadvantages of using questions. Your reader might know little about the subject matter and posing a question is not a good idea in this case. At the same time, if a primary reader will be your professor, then you are welcome to present a rhetorical question that can be very effective to attract reader’s attention. Do not include any specific examples or generalizations in your introduction, because the reader will definitely get bored.

Appeal to Emotions

If you want to grab readers’ attention, you should influence their emotions right in the first sentences. You should use a “trigger” that will serve as a hook. However, this effect can be achieved only if you discuss controversial topics. If you discuss how trees grow, you will definitely not get readers’ sympathy and interest because there is nothing special about it. Your task is to impact readers’ emotions in an essay about yourself and you are welcome to introduce some past experiences that deeply influenced your personality.

Be a Creator of Your Own Storyline

It does not matter which techniques you use in an introductory paragraph, the reader should be pleased to read your story and clearly understand what event from life you discuss. Do not try to cover multiple events or experiences because it will not bring good results. Check a sample essay about yourself that will clearly show how to deal with this task. Simply be honest and sincere and success is granted!