In case you are looking for a simple answer to the question about expository essay, most probably you will receive ambiguous explanation on how to write such type of paper. In some instances, it can be a regular explanatory paper or any other kind of academic writing assignment.

Generally speaking, expository essay is a type of writing where you have to explain some topic or issue using only certain facts. Expository essays do not require opinions. They have the following distinctive features:

  • The essay has to begin with a clear thesis statement;
  • One has to present facts or somebody‚Äôs point of view without providing his/her own opinion;
  • In case you have to describe a certain activity, such essays must be written in the 2d person;
  • In order to prove your thesis, you have to provide certain factual, logical or statistical evidence.

In case you want to comprehend something, it is better to explain it to somebody else. Most probably, it is the main reason why college or university students are often tasked with expository essay writing.

In case you have no idea how such an essay should look like, you can find online sample expository essay or you can follow our tips provided below.

  • Imagine yourself a teacher who has to explain something important to his/her students who have no clue about the topic. Now, think how would you explain it so that everyone could understand it?
  • Do not forget to use creativity while writing your essay. It will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd and stop using boring formulas of academic writing. There are plenty of expository essay topics and your main task is to select the most interesting one. 
  • Please avoid stating obvious facts in your essay. It will sound boring and your target reader will lose interest pretty fast and will have no desire to read it to the end.

It is recommended to follow classical essay structure when writing an expository essay.  At the end of introduction, a clear and succinct thesis statement should be provided. Remember to cover your topic in brief. You should avoid the common writing mistake and not to make your essay too long. Do not forget that every paragraph of your essay must be related to the thesis statement. After you completed the main body, write a logical conclusion that merely repeats your thesis statement. Frankly speaking, the best advice of writing such type of essays is using explanation of the selected topic in a way that would be most understandable for you.