Over recent decades, there has been a steady escalation of anxiety about the college admission process, much of it contributed by the need to write a college application essay. Essays require a great deal of introspection, although the questions might seem rather straightforward and superficial at first sight. However, essays also give a sense of something bigger to offer. College application essay is known to be the “gateway” in determining which of the academically qualified applicants will match the selection criteria to become students.

Tips for writing a perfectly pitched application essay

Your common application essay might be only some 250-500 words, but it can make the difference between rejection and acceptance. An essay is your chance to show the admissions committee how and why you should be preferred over other applicants. This is a vehicle that you can and should utilize to communicate information that none of your credentials (including test scores or extracurricular pursuits) can reveal about your personality. So, convert the essay from a stumbling block into your stepping stone that will benefit you.

Try to get yourself prepared as early as possible, so you can get yourself organized in a low-stress way. You can keep a notebook at hand to jot down any interesting ideas that come to your mind. For example, a sudden sparking memory, the enlightening conversation with your friend, a touching movie or a regular trip might give you a hint about how to write a college application essay. Timely noted detail might trigger your hidden talents to make your story appealing to your readers.

Nobody is perfect, and schools are well aware of it and do not expect you to be somebody that you are not. You just need to show your merits and be realistic and self-aware. Your college application essay format might vary depending on your quirks. You just need to be confident about yourself. For example, you might want to choose to reveal some of your accomplishment. However, your story showing how you have learned from a failure or struggled with challenges can be compelling to the admission officers. Exposing your humanity – including weaknesses or flaws – can often make the examiners like you. You can also opt to demonstrate how you can benefit from your studies, or describe your favorite activity or even tell a story about your dog – as long as it captures your reader’s attention.

Writing college application essays might appear one of the most daunting tasks in your life, but try to consider our tips to manage it successfully. 

  • Try to do some research on your target colleges to make your essay appealing to them.
  • Be concise: if your text is too long, you overstrain the patience of your examiners.
  • Focus on just a few things and avoid “spilling” everything at once.
  • No matter the topic, personalize your story; admission officers want to learn about you, so offer them a story they cannot refuse.
  • Conclude the essay in a way that makes a lasting impression on your readers.
  • Get some help: do you look too humble, too cocky, too serious or too demanding?  Do you have inconsistencies or typos in your essay? Even the most meticulous writers can benefit from the second or third opinion.

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