Classification essay writing involves extracting the knowledge you have acquired about using examples in illustration (or example) essay and then incorporating the aforementioned examples when writing a thesis. This type of writing is also called “division essay.” To put it simply, you use examples that show how the composition is formed, e.g. the way notions or objects are divided into categories (classification) or how a particular notion or object is distracted into parts (division).

Things to Pay Attention to:


Consider classification as a form of categorizing things depending on their types. There are […] groups of vitamins: [… here you list them…] that are important for healthy eating. This way, you can formulate a thesis statement in classification essays.

The underlying factor in the process of classification is looking for common characteristics in different notions or things. At the same time, do not classify entirely different objects by finding some not so obvious common characteristic. For example, do not classify pork, butter, and hamburger because they contain much fat. It cannot be regarded as a properly done classification. If you have a list of things (objects or ideas) to classify, try to put them into groups according to their most vivid characteristics. For example, milk products (milk, cream, yoghurt…), meat (ham, pork, chicken, turkey…), etc.

Besides, in the process of classifying, try to avoid confusion when one thing can belong to more than one category. When writing a division and classification essay, this factor should be taken into account. Check if there is logical connection among ideas or things that you have put into a particular category.


The process of division involves a detailed analysis, which is important when dividing a particular thing into separate parts and creating something new. For instance, you break down a particular word (into separate letters) and form a new word out of them.

You perform a similar operation every time when you prepare your essay outline. As a matter of fact, your essay is divided into separate constituents. As each classification is a separate group of things, even disparate objects with a common characteristic can form a new group.

Classification Essay Definition. Structural Elements:

  1. Introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement.
  2. The main body, where each body paragraph identifies and describes each category with supporting examples.
  3. Conclusion, which restates the key ideas and summarizes the purpose and value of the classification.

Structural Elements of Division Essay:

  1. Introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement, where you state the purpose of analyzing a particular idea or thing. The background information provided in the introduction depends on classification and division essay topics.
  2. The main body, where you break a particular notion or thing into constituents, which you describe in separate paragraphs and provide supporting examples. Besides, with the help of transitional words and phrases, you demonstrate the logical connection and interrelatedness between those parts.
  3. Conclusion, which restates the main points of the paper and summarizes what you have focused on in your classification essay.