Producing a 500 word essay can be rather complicated. However, it is necessary to remember one important thing when completing assignments. You should think positively. Otherwise, you may fail the given task. Do not be afraid to do the assigned writing projects. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to write such a paper. Thus, you will not encounter any problems during the writing process.

Before you start preparing your 500 word essay, it is necessary to find out its peculiarities. You should know that it is a typical paper comprising of three parts. It describes particular events or phenomena in detail. You may apply different methods for examining the matter under consideration. For example, you may compare things from different categories.

When learners are assigned to produce such a work, they ask: “how long is a 500 word essay?” It should be admitted that double spacing and Times New Roman 12 font are commonly applied to carrying out college writing projects. Visually, 500 words are approximately one page and a half. In case you want to exceed the word count, you should consult your professor about it.

Paper Structure

Speaking about 500 words essay format, you should remember that it usually includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction. It includes a thesis statement on the explored subject. By the way, try to select an appropriate topic. If you have already got the topic from your teacher, you should interest readers in it. Usually, the subject chosen by professors is quite broad. Thus, you need to narrow it. Determine the sub-topics and write a good thesis.
  2. When writing the body of 500 word essays, you need to:
    • Adopt a creative approach and try to awaken readers’ interest in the subject;
    • Express your point of view about the examined matter;
    • Cite vivid examples. Try to make readers feel themselves the participants of the described events.
  3. The concluding paragraph. Your paper should end with a reasonable conclusion. It has to be written clearly and summarize the key points of the project. By the way, do not provide users with new information in this section.

When producing a 500 word college essay, try to imagine yourself being a reader. It will help you understand whether your paper is well written. Remember that research plays an important role in preparing your work. Accurate facts add weight to your project. All the sources have to be properly referenced. The tips provided above will help you produce an outstanding piece of writing.