If you want to learn more about a definition essay, you are definitely on the right track. This piece of writing is based mostly on the discussion of a single term or notion. Students are asked to define both concrete terms like a cell phone, TV, pear, etc. and abstract terms like architecture, love, efficiency, and so on.

Elements of Writing an Essay Definition

  1. Define the term according to the dictionary explanation. Then you can add your personal interpretation of the term.
  2. Provide some background details about the term.
  3. Do not forget to include some vivid and catchy examples that will make your essay memorable.

Select a Good Topic

There are different definition essay topics, but your goal is to choose the right one. Remember that your task now is not to impress your professor with the choice of a very complex term, which you barely understand. The more you know about a specific notion, the less time you will have to spend on research. Moreover, many terms have multiple definitions and if you try to discuss all sides of the notion, you will definitely not reach success. Try to focus on one side only, which will increase the chances of having a clear focus in your paper. Choosing a suitable topic is a key to success in academic writing and if you fail to do so, you will waste much time on searching and investigating the subject matter.

The Importance of Thesis Statement

In any definition essay examples, you can see that there is a clear thesis statement at the end of introduction which looks like:

(notion/term)…(its primary definition)…

How to Compose a Clear Definition

  1. You should create a definition that a reader will easily comprehend. Here is how it looks like:
    • Define your notion by its function. You can discuss how everything works.
    • Define your notion by its structure. You can interpret the major components of your term and what puts everything together.
    • Define your notion by its analysis. Analyze the significance of your term and compare it with other examples. You can find strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences, or any other special characteristics that make this term stand out from the rest of such kind.

    Your thesis statement in a definition essay can look like

     (term) (precise definition +function/structure/analysis)

    • One of the most difficult ways to define the term is to discuss what the notion does not presume. In many instances, people interpret some words wrongly. You can suppress all the misconceptions in your discussion and create a clear understanding of what your chosen term means.
  2. In any essay, it is preferable to include a sufficient number of facts and examples to prove your standpoint. During the research step, write down all the remarkable ideas that can be used as a part of your evidential support. You can use statistics, ideas of famous researchers, and excerpts of interviews – everything you can find in credible and newly published sources. Do not provide any examples without their proper analysis.

While writing a definition essay, your primary task is to explain what your notion presumes. After reading your essay, the reader should have a clear picture in his/her mind.