Students are usually obliged to write serious formal academic essays, which, beyond doubt, are pain in the neck. However, there is an opposing alternative for pleasant and amusing writing, namely an informal essay. It is written not for insightful analysis and reasoning but rather for enjoyment. Nevertheless, like any other essay, it has format, structure, and content requirements that are to be compulsory followed. Below, there are a few basic informal essay tips and recommendations that are definitely worth considering.

Mull over the Title

Since the subjects of this type of essay can vary enormously, its title should be self-explanatory. In such a way, the reader will be able to form the expectations regarding the paper. So, always take the title inventing process seriously, but ensure your creation is funny and amusing. Make it concise and compelling, as it will be the first thing your professor will be assessing.

Content Planning

Five paragraphs are more than enough to embody even the wildest informal essay ideas. However, each of them should be planned and thought through before becoming the part of the outline. When working on the content, follow these tips:

  • Adopt the humorous approach and do not fear to be creative.
  • Include factual information in paragraphs but not in a somber manner. Amuse the reader!
  • Do not forget to include transitions in order to make the paper coherent.
  • In case you use some scholars’ works, make sure they are properly cited.
  • Do not write more than three body paragraphs if, however, otherwise is indicated in the task.

Recap the Ideas

The body section of informal essays is traditionally followed by a conclusion that summarizes everything written in five or six witty sentences. Let the last paragraph intrigue readers and make them crave for more of your captivating writing as well as uncommon ideas. In addition, it is advisable to make the last sentence provoking. Remember to proofread and edit the whole piece and check if all professor’s requirements are met.

Final Writing Prompts

The primary aim of such assignments is to practice in expressing opinion and delivering necessary information in a funny and playful manner. Yet, it is an essay. Therefore, research and study all required material, stick to the typical five-paragraph format, and do not plagiarize. Even though the requirements are not that strict, writing an informal essay can be quite challenging, but do not be afraid. Once you have managed with it for the first time, you will cope with further similar tasks with flying colors.