Working on a book essay review is an exciting and fun experience. Though, writing a review for a certain book is quite a simple task, some norms and a standard format have to be closely followed by the person working on it. So, what are the main tips for writing a book review? In this part of the article, we will simplify some of the book writing techniques to benefits our readers. When one is done reading a book, he/she may either like the book or dislike it completely. Writing an essay review is all about sharing one’s personal feelings on a book with the world. If one aims to become a good book reviewer, he/she has to be an excellent reader. Before starting to write reviews, one has to read the books minutely together with keen observations.

The current article contains a few basic tips on writing good book reviews.


When one is trying to figure out how to write a good book review, it is very helpful to know the basics of the book review writing format. Reviewing a book review sample might be very helpful as well. When starting, one needs to write a general introduction and then write about the main essentials of a book. It is not a secret that every book has certain information that is either unique or essential, or messages to convey to the readers. Being a reviewer, one’s job is to highlight those essentials. It does not matter if you like the essential information or not, it is your job to highlight those points in an unbiased manner, creating a professional review essay.

Writing Synopsis

Synopsis writing is the most important part in writing a book review. A synopsis has to either be precise or concise. Synopsis is basically writing about the book in a brief manner. It is basically a reviewer’s perspective and thus different reviewers write synopsis differently. When one is finished reading a book or watching a film, he/she subconsciously or sometimes consciously makes a synopsis of what he/she has seen or read. Thus, writing a movie review essay synopsis is not very challenging, though one has to be very precise with the selection of words and the tone of language.

Writing Your Opinion

The most challenging part in ‘how to write a review essay’ is writing one’s own opinion. While sharing opinion about a book or a film, one has to be sturdy with the logic. The writer has to explain logically why a movie or a book is good or bad. Below are a few points to remember, while writing opinion on a book:

  • Do not confuse the readers
  • Make your opinion profound – do not write a self-contradicting opinion
  • Read the book before writing an opinion in order to make the review truthful or unbiased

Lastly, a writer is always free to add his/her own innovations, though include these parts in a book review. A writer is supposed to make sure that each essay part is genuine and shows justice to the final output crafted.